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Ethiopia | Nano Genji - 12oz Whole Beans

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12 oz bag of whole bean coffee

Candied Ginger, Sweet, Champagne

Nano Genji is Nano Challa’s new sibling mill, of the Agaro family. Historically one of the most coveted coffees in all of Western Ethiopia. Nano Challa membership did such an excellent job with production and processing that the tremendous premiums they were receiving caused their membership to swell to a level that pushed their capacity as far as it could go. In 2018 they opened Nano Genji a few miles away with new equipment along with dozens of drying beds to accommodate the growing demand.

Nano Genji brings an intense, lively sweetness like candied ginger and a sparkling, champagne-like finish, a testament to the work put into these coffees during growing, picking, processing and beyond.